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Guided Rides/Exploring

If you want to try exploring (without the navigation stress) then a TrailSkills guided ride may be for you. Doesn’t need to be a big day out – we can cater for a gentle ride round forest trails or a bigger day out maybe taking in a few hills on the way.

If you are visiting the area, you may want to consider booking a day or half day guiding from a local expert – we can show you the best of the riding, take you to those lesser known trails, tailor the ride to trails that suit you and your riding style….There is so much to explore!

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Half day guiding (Dumfries and Galloway only) up to 6 riders £120.

Full day guiding up to 6 riders £150 - £200. Location dependant.

1:1 guiding, please get in touch.

Group ride
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