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The aim of TrailSkills coaching is to aid rider development from beginner through intermediate to those wanting to try ‘getting some air’ or riding more advanced terrain – negotiating roots, steeps, mud, drops.

All coaching sessions include video analysis to facilitate learning and provide tailored feedback. We welcome e-bikes on coaching sessions, please specify when booking.

Our focus is on customised coaching sessions for individuals and small group sessions as we feel that a tailored approach provides better outcomes for riders.


3hour focussed sessions in small groups (max 4) to focus on a specific aspect of riding. Ideal for autumn/winter upskilling. All workshops cost £75/rider (+6% online booking fee).

If you have a group and would like to book a workshop just for you then please get in touch to arrange that.

Getting Started - Beginners MTB Course
For those new to mountain biking, covering basic bike skills, bike anatomy, kit essentials. Get the basics right to enable a fun and safe time on the trails.

Finding Flow
Get dialled in to riding over roots and tackling natural style corners while maintaining flow and momentum.

We will look at appropriate line choices, body position, body and bike movement. We will also review and practice cornering on different types of terrain.

If you currently struggle with riding roots, or are looking to move from trail centre to more natural style trails, this workshop will be useful.

Intro to Natural Trails
Working on how to move on from waymarked trail centre terrain to more natural terrain, we will start out on easier flow trails with time to practice sections of trail.

As the session progresses we will look at line choices, effective braking and maintaining appropriate momentum to maintain control whilst rolling over obstacles to build confidence, flow and fun.

Dial Into Drops
We will look at techniques for getting air where appropriate and then how to neutralise drops to maximise wheel to ground contact and maintain momentum.

Where to use each approach will be discussed and there will be plenty of opportunities for practice.

Pumping and Jumping

Learn to maximise fun on rolling terrain, where we can pump the bike to maintain wheel contact with the ground and generate free speed. Then we will switch it up to get air time – how to initiate the jump, maintain air time and have a smooth landing.

Mastering Steeps
Reading the trail, effective braking, line choice, maintaining appropriate momentum over steep terrain and technical features to build confidence, flow and fun.

eBike familiarisation workshop
New to e-biking? Come along and learn the fundamentals of e-bike ownership and riding. We will look at basics of operating the motor, settings, how to effectively use your gears in conjunction with the motor. How to conquer climbs, basics of descending - including body position, braking, line choices and how to maximise enjoyment.

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Custom Coaching

Focus on what you want, tailored session for any level of rider. Its all about developing and improving your riding, includes video analysis too. Let us know what you want to work on and we will take it from there. Choose half day or full day session, if you want to bring mates we can run a custom session for up to 6 people. If riding an e-bike please specify when booking.

Half day sessions last 2.5hours, full days are 5 hours including a break for lunch (note lunch not included).

Sessions available at Mabie, Dalbeattie or Ae as standard. Full day sessions are also available at Glentress, Innerleithen or Kirroughtree. If you would like coaching at another venue then please get in touch for a quote and to make a plan.

Half day 1:1 or 2:1 £75/rider, (+6% online booking free)
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Full day 1:1 or 2:1 £120/rider (+6% online booking free)
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Groups of 3 or 4

£65/rider half day
(+6% online booking free)
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£100/rider full day (+6% online booking free)
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Groups of 5 or 6

£60/rider half day
(+6% online booking free)
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£90/rider full day (+6% online booking free)
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